The They

There is an ominous, destructive force at work in the world today. It is the they.

From Eric Morse 8/10/2013

There is an ominous, destructive force at work in the world today. It is the “they”.

“They just made things more complicated”.
“I thought we could help you with that, but they turned it down”.
“I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how they make us do it”.
And nowhere do they cause more pain, frustration, and counter-productiveness than in our big banks. Big Banks are kingdoms of nonsensical processes, crushing bureaucracy, and unhelpful service – all ruled over by the they.

But there is a way to escape. It’s as close as your nearest community bank. Here you’ll find all of the products and services of modern banking, online bill payment, mobile banking, ATM fees rebated nationwide, and scores of convenient ways to manage your money.

What you won’t find is the they.
Your community bank is run instead by engaged and committed members of your community. Men and women who see more than balances and profits – they see the businesses and individuals behind those figures. Bankers who are committed to the community you live in and who believe it is their job to figure out how their bank can help people – not the other way around.

All the products and services you thought you were getting at the big bank but with none of the hassles and ugliness you’ve come to dread. And best of all, your money stays in and supports the community you live in and love and out of their pockets.

So, leave the they behind. And come bank with us.