What it's all about.

Welcome to SwitchToCommunity.com, the leading site on the internet extolling the virtues of community banking. We are simply a few individuals who became so sick and tired of the avarice of Wall Street, the interest rates and hidden fees at the “big banks”, and the realization of what a viable alternative community banks are, that we decided to see whether we could do something about it. We are not associated with anyone other than ourselves and you.

We want to thank you for coming to our site and we invite you to spend some time with us. Please share your story whether it's your dissatisfaction with your big bank, or your love for your community bank. Some of the content is hysterical and funnier still, because it is all real.

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Ours is a growing new movement which, to be successful, requires your active involvement by helping to spread the word about community banking. Would you please tell your friends and those in community banking to join us? We are the big banks’ worst nightmare.

The greatness of a community is measured by the actions of its members...  Now is our time.